Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stress Busting Tips

Find Stress Busting Tips to Curb Out of Control Eating

People who stress eat often deal with a bigger weight loss challenge than those who are just trying to shave off a couple of extra pounds. People who stress eat and those who don’t both have an equally challenging physical journey ahead of them, but someone who stress eats will have to find a process to mentally block out any urge to eat during stressful situations.

You can find tons of fitness tips online, but you also want to search various social networking sites to find stress relief or stress eating tips as well. A few stress busting tips you see on Pinterest, for example (or this blog), could save you from reaching into the refrigerator the next time that you feel like life is spiraling out of control.

People who try to simply ignore or fight the urge to eat when stressed become frustrated, and that level of irritation intensifies the likelihood that they will quit their health program and resort to a binge for solace.
Instead of fighting this feeling of frustration, have a couple of sites bookmarked with instant stress relief tips and use them as backup plans that will relax your mood in just about any given situation.

Join stress relief and other groups on Facebook to distract yourself with something that is pleasurable and won’t just keep your mind off of going to the kitchen because you’re busy doing something else, but will be focused on lifting you out of your bad mood.

Examples of these other groups could be anything that you find pleasing, from painting, to book clubs to pets. Whatever your situation may be, have a list of bookmarks on your phone of a couple of ideas that you could access in times of stress.

Even if it doesn’t completely lift you out of your bad mood, at least you were busy with another task other than stress eating. Some people even find working out to be a very therapeutic stress reliever.

Some people say, “Take it out on the gym instead of yourself.” You could access a quick workout tutorial in a social networking site and do that quickly to elevate your endorphins and eliminate the stress hormone cortisol.

Aside from having a couple of backup plans for those moments, you could also perform a couple of other stress reliving techniques to help achieve and overall better mood for the whole day.

Check out sites with information on yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and other forms of relaxation that can be done any day, regardless of whether you’re in a bad mood or not.

By taking the time to add in more relaxation and pleasurable activities during your time spent online, you’ll lower your chances of feeling too stressed throughout the week. The overall goal when fighting stress eating is to use relaxing methods to soothe the feeling immediately and prevent a diet failure.